“I’ve worked closely with Joe for a decade when I managed the Toronto Food Policy Council, and he was Chair of the Board of Health. Now that I’m long retired, I can praise him in public. Joe has been driver of important food issues, ushering in Toronto’s first DineSafe Program, securing increased investments in Student Nutrition Programs, championing urban agriculture and farmer’s markets, securing community gardening space, and pioneering local compost days. More than that, Joe is someone who works well with others. He carries a list of workable ‘Plan Bs’ in his back pocket for when compromise is necessary. He follows up. He keeps on plugging. It was always good to have him on City Council, but he’s especially needed in these trying times.

Wayne Roberts

Founding Chair, Toronto Food Policy Council

“Whatever your perspective or concern, Joe is approachable. He will hear you out and work towards a solution. You may not always agree with him, but he is always mindful that his job as a City Councillor is to work for and with our communities. Politicians often smile and agree just to get your vote. Joe will always be honest, tell it like it is, and work with you to make our neighbourhoods and city better for all of us.

Paula Rochman

Criminal Defence Lawyer and Local Resident

“I support Joe because he has integrity. Too many politicians sound like they are spouting a party line, and often seem more interested in their own image and advancement. Joe really listens and debates with us, making us feel that our opinions matter. Then, he fights tenaciously for the issues that are important to us. I’m most impressed with his commitment to poverty reduction in the city, and particularly affordable housing

Gini Dickie

Local Community Organizer and Melitaville Resident

“There are not many people, or politicians like Joe Mihevc. I’ve known Joe for almost 10 years now, and I continue to be so impressed by his deep commitment to enriching the lives of everyone in his community. Joe wins elections with a landslide, and that is 100% due to his incredible ability to really connect with people, and get things done. His history as a city councilor is an impressive record of a city-building visionary, powerful agent for change, and kind collaborator. I have no doubt that Joe’s impact and work ethic will be just as meaningful to all of us living and working in the new Ward 15, and strongly encourage all of my neighbours to vote for Joe and let him spin some of his magic over here on the east side.”

Joshna Maharaj

Chef and Community Food Activist

“I’ve seen Joe in action at City Hall – he works hard and earns the respect of council members across political stripes. At a time when Toronto is facing a critical housing crisis, Joe’s voice advocating for smart solutions has been an important support to me as Toronto’s Housing Advocate. Joe Mihevc é um agente eficaz de mudança para Toronto e eu incentivo-vos a apoiá-lo comigo.”

Ana Bailão

Incumbent Davenport City Council Candidate, Deputy Mayor & Toronto's Housing Advocate

“I’ve known Joe for many years and I’ve always been impressed by his commitment to helping the most vulnerable people in our city, like ensuring school kids get the breakfast they need to be healthy and creating access to good jobs for people who’ve faced unemployment. The city needs Joe and his collaborative approach right now. I hope you will join me in supporting Joe on October 22.”

The Hon. Art Eggleton

Former Canadian Senator and Mayor of Toronto

“Joe Mihevc works with everyone. He is focused and committed to keeping projects moving. When all the areas of Toronto were amalgamated into one city, Joe helped ensure the process was smooth and all areas were treated equally. ‘Nooo-body’ is better for St. Paul’s than Joe Mihevc.”

Mel Lastman

Former Mayor of Toronto

“Joe has been instrumental in advancing mobility and transportation in Toronto. He has been a strong cycling and transit advocate, helping to keep the TTC public. He is also a real leader on green and environmental issues. I am pleased to support his re-election in Toronto St. Paul’s.”

Mike Layton

City Council Candidate, Ward 11

“Joe Mihevc has been a friend, colleague, and mentor. Always principled and effective, collaborative and strategic. Joe is a tireless champion on tough issues, and has been a respected leader on addressing the Opioid Crisis and SIS. He is among the very best at City Hall. It’s my absolute honour to endorse him for re-election in Ward 12, Toronto-St.Paul’s.”

Joe Cressy

Incumbent City Council Candidate, Ward 10

“City Councillor Joe Mihevc is committed to equity and inclusion and has an unyielding drive to help his constituents solve issues. Residents can be assured their voices are being heard as few city councillors work as hard as Joe. At City Hall, he works tirelessly on so many committees that have a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of Torontonians – he’s Chair of the Board of Health, a member of the Budget Committee, Community Recreation and Development and the Tenant Issues Committee, among others, and is the City’s Poverty Reduction Advocate. Joe is a bridge builder with years of experience, creating better lives and neighbourhoods for everyone in our city.”

Rafi Aaron

Spokesperson, The Interfaith Coalition to Fight Homelessness

“Joe was instrumental in saving the Tollkeeper’s Cottage, the oldest cottage of its kind in Canada, and turned it into a local community museum. He supported our small volunteer group from the very start, and his efforts have helped preserve our shared history for kids and families to enjoy for years to come.”

Bill Kindree

Past President, Tollkeeper's Cottage Museum and a Community History Project volunteer

“Joe Mihevc has been a strong and vocal advocate for his community for many years. He has been a leader on social policy, strong and healthy communities, and poverty reduction. Joe’s inclusive approach to city building is needed more than ever at City Hall.”

Tony Dean

Senator and Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at UofT

“Joe is one of the of the most progressive people I know. He has been an incredible champion to our community, ensuring that the Caribbean Carnival is recognized as a major festival in Toronto, helping us to create signature annual event.”

Joe Halstead

Order of Ontario, Chair of the Board for Toronto Caribbean Carnival

“As the City’s Newcomer Advocate, Joe played an important role supporting the settlement and integration of newcomers in Toronto. Working alongside his community, he helped organize Supper With Syria which sponsored a number of Syrian families. His work has helped foster a more strong and diverse Toronto. We need Joe at City Hall.”

The Honourable Ratna Omidvar

C.M., O.Ont., Senator for Ontario

“Joe tackles issues head on. He has expertly managed condo developments in our ward, ensuring they respect our neighbourhoods while meeting the demands of our growing city. As a former City Councillor, I know what it takes to bring people together on tough issues and Joe has proven over and over he can do that.”

Kay Gardner

Former City Councillor & Forest Hill resident

“Over many years I have seen Councillor Mihevc act in Toronto’s City Council always supporting the most vulnerable citizens. Some days it’s about public transit, others housing, and other parks, recreation, and whatever the topic, he always supports the general interest over the particular, he does what he feels is right and not what is easy. Equity is in everything he does. All great reasons to enthusiastically support him.”

Gil Penalosa

Founder & Chair, 8/80 Cities

“Joe Mihevc is the most genuine guy you’ll ever meet- warm-hearted, kind and shining with integrity. We’ve loved and followed his work since he helped rescue and transform the Wychwood Barns, and we deeply appreciate his commitment to a better city life for all, including the poor and the marginalized. We’d be so happy and proud to be represented by Joe at City Hall!

Stephen Lewis, C.C. and Former UN Ambassador, and Michele Landsberg, O.C. and Retired Star Journalist

“I have worked with Joe as Council’s Poverty Reduction Advocate, and I am confident I can work with him on poverty reduction and building transit and a better city for the residents of Toronto.”

John Tory

Mayor of Toronto

Joe Mihevc is a visionary. His work has embodied the motto ‘Toronto for All’. As Newcomer Advocate, Joe took action to make Toronto a place where all residents could find sanctuary and access important city services. Be it in the areas of parks, libraries, or health and safety, Joe is a long-standing champion of equity and inclusion and continues to advance these values in his work. I am honoured to endorse Joe for re-election in St. Paul’s.”

Neethan Shan

Incumbent City Council Candidate, Scarborough-Rouge Park

“As Toronto’s Peace Advocate, I cannot think of a better candidate to help move our communities, neighbourhoods and city forward in these challenging times.”

Setsuko Thurlow

Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Hiroshima Survivor

“Joe Mihevc is an outstanding community builder and has my enthusiastic support. His integrity, warmth, smarts, and energy have helped make our Ward a fabulous place to live. I know this first-hand from my involvement in our community environmental group, Green Neighbours 21. Over a decade ago, he hosted our first meeting, which packed his constituency office. His enthusiastic support continues with his help to develop our annual Eco Fair at the Barns, Secondhand Sunday, and spearheading our new residential solar energy purchase, aimed at promoting energy efficiency and community resilience to fight Climate Change. Thanks Joe for helping us make our ward cleaner and greener. Thanks to you our neighbourhood is a great place to live!”

Lee Adamson

GN21 Volunteer and Resident

“Joe was a compelling and trusted voice on the City’s Budget Committee. He has, and continues to be a leader on Toronto City Council and I am endorsing him this election.”

Gary Crawford

Incumbent Councillor, Scarborough Agincourt, Ward 22

“I’m supporting Joe because our community has been well served by him. Joe has always supported our social justice work and has provided leadership in interfaith dialogue, both in our community and throughout the city. Joe speaks out against racism and hate in all its forms, and has had the courage to stand up for those who need a voice. I value his help and leadership in our community and our city at large.”

Dr. Karen Mock

Human Rights Consultant

“I first met Joe in 2007 while attempting to put a tax on billboards for art in public spaces. Joe helped transform a small group of young artists and organizers turn into an unstoppable force for positive change in the City. He gave us wisdom, time and access to excellent staff. Without Mihevc, we never would have got as far as we did in bringing forward a more vibrant and creative Toronto. Few councillors have better served the residents of their ward and the city as a whole.”

Devon Ostrom

Co-founder BeautifulCity.ca

“You can count on Joe. When we went to Joe with an idea, we immediately got his enthusiastic support. He helped us launch Second Hand Sunday, a bi-annual event where neighbours swap unwanted goods rather than throwing them away. With Joe’s support we were able to expand this event from a couple of streets to the entire City. Joe knows how to get things done to help build better communities. We need him at City Hall so our neighbourhoods continue to thrive.”

Colin Love and Caroline Brooks

Local Residents

“Joe was there when our community needed him. When a local heritage building was under threat, Joe stood by us and worked with us to protect it. While we don’t agree on every issue, Joe is hard working and dedicated to his job. He is always approachable and I know he is wholeheartedly committed to our community.”

Dyan Kirschenbaum

Casa Loma resident

“There is no question that Joe is a progressive force in Toronto. As a business leader, I know what it takes to move large projects forward. We need leadership that is attentive to detail, while also seeing the big picture. I know Joe is that leader. His track record has shown he is committed to delivering better housing, transit, and services, ensure his community thrives.

Richard Peddie

Former CEO of MLSE, Philanthropist

“Joe is a strong voice on tenant issues and affordable housing in our city. He values the role of co-ops in making housing safe, secure, and livable, and he advocates for the creation of more affordable housing units at City Council.

Harvey Cooper

Affordable Housing & Co-op Housing

“I am Dr. Shawna Perlin and have lived in Cedarvale with my family for over 25 years. I have known Joe Mihevc for three decades and he has been an amazing City Councillor for our St. Paul’s Ward and for the City as a whole. He has improved numerous recreational and cultural facilities including the Cedarvale Ravine, Glen Cedar Park, Ben Nobleman Park and our local libraries to name a few. Thanks to Joe we now have wonderful cycling and walking trails, bicycle lanes, a new outdoor skating rink, sports fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, and a large off-leash dog park. Joe has also worked tirelessly and effectively to improve TTC service, our Public Health system and Anti-Poverty initiatives across Toronto. We have been very fortunate to have his expertise and collaborative approach for over 20 years in making our community and City a better place to live, work and play. Now more than ever we will need his leadership to navigate the next challenging four years.

Dr. Shawna Perlin

Resident Cedarvale Community Hillcrest Village

“Joe has demonstrated a strong commitment to preserve our communities from overdevelopment and has always responded quickly and decisively to community concerns. He keeps residents informed with thoughtful and factual emails that are extremely helpful in articulating the issues. Joe is a compassionate and caring individual and I’ve found him to be respectful of others, even when he disagrees with them. Joe is a strong leader and is one politician whom I can trust to do the right thing!”

Mona Kornberg

South Forest Hill resident

“Joe is a person of extremely high integrity who has maintained a steadfast commitment to progressive social change in Toronto for many years. In this regard, his work on poverty is quite exemplary. Working primarily behind the scenes, Joe played a very significant role in the development and approval by City Council of Toronto’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy. In addition, he has been able to successfully strike that fine balance between activism and pragmatism so at the end of the day, things get done. Once again, the Poverty Reduction Strategy is a very good example.”

Paul Shaffer and Patty Young

Community Members

“Joe Mihevc is one of the most, if not the most active councillors at City Hall on poverty reduction and homelessness. He doesn’t just talk about things, he acts. This city can’t afford not to have Joe doing this crucial work.”

Bob Charendoff

Hillcrest Village resident and Homelessness Advocate

“I have known Joe for many years and worked with him on groundbreaking projects like Faith In The City, which engages diverse faith communities in city-building. What I appreciate about Joe is that he knows how to talk to and work with people who have different views than his own. This rare trait is what enables him to get things done at City Hall.”

Reverand Dr. Brent Hawkes

C.M., O.N.B

“I am endorsing Joe Mihevc for re-election. Joe on City Council will work tirelessly to advance social and political inclusion in our city. For this reason, we need Joe Mihevc in Toronto St. Paul’s now more than ever. I hope you will join me in voting for Joe.”

Zanana Akande

Former MPP and local resident