Dear Friends and Neighbours,

This past Monday, I participated in an all-candidates debate on tenant issues. The first question we were asked was “What can you, as a councillor, do to change the affordable housing situation in the City of Toronto?”

This is an important question since it’s one of the top issues facing our city today. I was only given 2 minutes to respond during the debate, and affordable housing deserves a much deeper level of discussion – but I do want to share with you my list of priority strategies that I will be working on in the next term of council.

My Top 10 Actions for Affordable Housing

1. Repair and maintain Toronto Community Housing’s 65,000 units so that all existing units can remain operational
2. Develop the already-approved laneway housing program as a dedicated pathway to creating affordable units
3. Legalize home-sharing models (granny suites, secondary units) to make better use of existing housing
4. Provide rent supplements for families that are having trouble balancing the books. Nobody should have to make a choice between feeding the kids and paying the rent.
5. Provide shelter to the homeless at a rate that meets the 90% occupancy standard, then provide an accessible and immediate pathway to permanent housing
6. Advocate to the Province to establish true rent control, including an end to renovictions
7. Explore every opportunity to build affordable units on City-owned lands (Wychwood Barns is a great example of this locally)
8. Partner with faith communities, co-ops, not-for-profits, and other orders of government to build new housing
9. Implement inclusionary zoning as soon as possible to take advantage of new development opportunities
10. Dedicate funding to create transitional housing for women, girls, and families; and fund supportive housing for people living with mental illness or other special needs

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This is a close race, and I appreciate all the thought and care that residents have put into their decision. Lots of folks are still making up their minds, and that’s why I’m out knocking on doors every single day, talking about the issues that matter.

Lots of you have already made up your minds that you’re with me – thank you for your support! It’s not just the votes that count, it’s all those conversations you are having with friends, family, and neighbours. There’s nothing quite like community engagement.

Already voted? Join me on Election Day – help get out the vote!


Thank you

for your engagement and support!