Joe’s Platform


Joe drives forward a vision for transit that delivers broad public access, fair fares, complete streets, and efficient movement around the city whether you’re walking, cycling, driving, or on the TTC.

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Torontonians lead busy, active lives, which means we spend a lot of our time getting around–and that counts. Joe is committed to making sure your time in transit is quality time. That’s why Joe is dedicated to less crowded commutes, more active transportation options, and safe, walkable main streets.

Midtown residents need reliable transit options to get them where they need to go. In the next term, Joe will challenge the TTC to find new, faster ways to get from our community into the downtown and back again – without relying solely on the overloaded Yonge subway line.

As a TTC Commissioner, I have championed:

  • Transit fare equity
  • 2-hour transfer system-wide
  • King Street Pilot
  • Cycling network expansion
  • Bike Share expansion
  • Wheel-Trans improvements
  • A new fleet of electric buses
  • Funding for subway station accessibility improvements
  • The Downtown Relief Line
  • Bringing new low-floor, accessible and air-conditioned streetcars to St. Clair
  • Automatic Train Control (will lead to faster lead times between trains)
  • Friendly and effective fare enforcement
  • Platform-edge doors

“Joe is a fantastic champion of transit for regular people. He supported the fight for fair fares and is with us all the way in our quest to keep transit public and in the hands of the City of Toronto.”

Luca De Franco, past chair of TTCriders

“Cycling transportation is one of the many ways Torontonians get around the city, but we need more cycling infrastructure in place to make it a safer, more reliable option for everyone. Joe has championed the expansion of the cycling network and pushed to get more Bike Share stations into midtown.”

Yvonne Bambrick, Urban Cycling Consultant

“Joe values active transportation and accessible streets. He has worked to improve walkability in the community and to eliminate barriers. He listens to the residents, understands different needs and promotes solutions that improve accessibility for everyone. He has advocated to coordinate the location of utilities in street projects early on, to ensure that people have enough space to walk and that everyone can get around safely, regardless of their age or ability. He truly values the community’s input and recognizes their stake in the decisions that determine the configuration and use of our streets, as an integral piece of community building.”

Daniella Levy Pinto, resident and advocate for accessible public space


Joe uses the public health lens as a key for improving many aspects of living in Toronto, from food access and active transportation to drug policies and vibrant, safe communities.

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Our health is dependent on factors like income, physical environment, childhood experiences, education levels, access to services, and more. Municipal government is well-placed to make a positive difference in the health of Torontonians, and that’s why Joe is committed to using a public health lens in his work as a city councillor.

In the next term, Joe will continue to champion access to good food, affordable recreation, smoke-free environments, and drug policies centred on harm reduction.

As the Chair of the Board of Health, Joe has championed:

  • Student Nutrition Program in schools (as of 2017-2018 school year, 621 schools participating and over 208,000 students served)
  • Harm-reducing drug policy initiatives like Supervised Injection Services, needle exchanges, and the Overdose Prevention Strategy
  • Partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and others, pushed for improved anti-smoking and -tobacco policies to reduce the overall smoking rates of Toronto residents
  • Safe, healthy walking commutes for school-age kids and caregivers
  • Creative urban food policies to improve access to healthy foods (Joe accepted the Milan Urban Food Policy award on behalf of the City of Toronto in 2017)
  • A public health approach to community violence (with former board member Chris Glover)
  • Numerous public health reports weighing in on challenges the City faces, from environmental noise to the future of the Gardiner Expressway to indoor temperature standards for tenants

Joe is a passionate champion for community health and social justice. He has been consistent and active in advocating for long-term solutions to housing and homelessness challenges. Given the growing inequities in our city, we need him at City Hall.”

Cathy Crowe, C.M., Street Nurse

“He has integrity. He has vision. He works collaboratively. Joe Mihevc is there for you. This very important election, let’s make sure Joe Mihevc is there, in our city, helping us”

Debbie Field, Former Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto


Joe works with people of all backgrounds to create positive social change because he recognizes that social and structural inequalities make life harder for some Torontonians while advantaging others.

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Toronto is a city with the motto “Diversity Our Strength” to live up to. With half our population born outside of Canada, one of the largest urban Indigenous populations in the country, and nearly 50 percent of residents identifying as people of colour, we certainly represent a range of backgrounds and experience. But diversity is more than that: it’s socioeconomic variety, different abilities, gender equity, and distinct neighbourhoods. Our City’s structures can level the playing field or entrench injustices.

The Laneway Naming Project has been a successful exercise in place-making and community-building in the former Ward 21. Joe plans to conduct the next round of the Laneway Naming Project to honour the historic local contributions of people identifying as women and/or as Indigenous, so that the community can recount and share in these important legacies. At City Council, Joe will continue to advocate for and with equity-seeking groups and to challenge status quo systems that perpetuate oppression.

Joe has a long history of advancing social and economic justice:

  • Voted to end carding
  • Tabled the motion to make Toronto a Sanctuary City
  • Supports permanent resident enfranchisement in municipal elections
  • Toronto Newcomer Advocate (2015-2017)
  • City Council liaison to two of Toronto’s largest ethnic festivals, Salsa on St. Clair (2004-2018) and Toronto Caribbean Carnival (1997-2018)
  • Supporter and annual participant in the Toronto Pride Parade
  • Collaborated with spiritual leaders to host Faith in the City conferences and the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto
  • Vocal opponent of racially-motivated hate, and supporter of programs that tackle anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism (e.g. moved for the adoption of the National Council of Canadian Muslims’ Charter for Inclusive Communities; supported SDFA’s Toronto For All campaigns)
  • Champion of policies that humanize, rather than criminalize, social issues

“Joe Mihevc is the most genuine guy you’ll ever meet: warm-hearted, kind, and shining with integrity. We’ve loved and followed his work since he helped rescue and transform the Wychwood Barns, and we deeply appreciate his commitment to a better city life for all, including the poor and the marginalized. We’d be so happy and proud to be represented by Joe at City Hall!”

Stephen Lewis, C.C. and Former UN Ambassador & Michele Landsberg, O.C. and Retired Star Journalist

“Joe Mihevc is a visionary. His work has embodied the motto ‘Toronto for All’. As Newcomer Advocate, Joe took action to make Toronto a place where all residents could find sanctuary and access important city services. Be it in the areas of parks, libraries, or health and safety, Joe is a long-standing champion of equity and inclusion and continues to advance these values in his work. I am honoured to endorse Joe for re-election in St. Paul’s.”

Neethan Shan, equity champion and Incumbent City Council Candidate Scarborough Rouge Park

“Joe is one of the of the most progressive people I know. He has been an incredible champion to our community, ensuring that the Caribbean Carnival is recognized as a major festival in Toronto, helping us to create signature annual event.”

Joe Halstead, Order of Ontario, Chair of the Board for Toronto Caribbean Carnival

“I’m supporting Joe because our community has been well served by him. Joe has always supported our social justice work and has provided leadership in interfaith dialogue, both in our community and throughout the city. Joe speaks out against racism and hate in all its forms, and has had the courage to stand up for those who need a voice. I value his help and leadership in our community and our city at large.”

Dr. Karen Mock, human rights consultant and local resident


Joe fosters local engagement in civic life by sharing regular City Hall updates, hosting community meetings, advocating for neighbourhood infrastructure, and collaborating on grassroots efforts.

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It is said that municipal government is the closest to the people, and to Joe, that means it’s the best avenue for people to get involved in decisions that affect their daily lives.  That’s why Joe chooses to dedicate his life to being a councillor: he loves helping people make those important connections and discoveries that bring us closer as a community.

The next term will be a whole new world, with the size of our ward doubling to over 100,000 people. The old ways of governing won’t be sufficient to deliver truly local democracy. Joe will investigate and advocate for alternative models, like that of Los Angeles, that have greater degrees of citizen participation in local decision-making.

As the St. Paul’s West councillor over the past four years, Joe has:

  • Hosted 16 free Movie Nights in Parks
  • Held 8 free Corn Fests
  • Initiated 16 Park Clean-Ups
  • Posted over 15,000 updates to social media
  • Produced 60 e-newsletters and 5 print door-to-door newsletters sharing local and City Hall updates
  • Held town hall meetings on the City Budget, the Gardiner Expressway, and Bill 5
  • Hosted 4 busy Community Environment Day events featuring “green” community organizations
  • Installed 8 ping pong tables, 2 new playgrounds, and all-ages fitness equipment in our parks
  • Launched a group solar purchase project to encourage homeowner participation in green energy alternatives
  • Opened more growing space in 2 community gardens and delivered 384 tonnes of compost for residents to take for free
  • Worked with a community group to bring Second Hand Sunday to life, first in the ward, and now across Toronto
  • Worked with community members to host Supper With Syria, raising over $118,000 to sponsor 3 refugee families
  • Coordinated Syrian refugee group sponsorship with JIAS and hosted multiple events to welcome Syrian newcomers to the ward
  • Collaborated with spiritual leaders to host a Faith in the City conference focusing on poverty reduction

“Joe’s style of leadership is all about effective support for community-based efforts. He has a long track record of championing great ideas and creating successful partnerships with inspiring results.”

Inna Gertsberg, Lara Zahabi-Bekdash, and Sang Kim, Supper With Syria organizers

“Joe Mihevc is an outstanding community builder and has my enthusiastic support. His integrity, warmth, smarts, and energy have helped make our Ward a fabulous place to live. I know this first-hand from my involvement in our community environmental group, Green Neighbours 21. Over a decade ago, he hosted our first meeting, which packed his constituency office. His enthusiastic support continues with his help to develop our annual Eco Fair at the Barns,Secondhand Sunday, and spearheading our new residential solar energy purchase, aimed at promoting energy efficiency and community resilience to fight Climate Change. Thanks Joe for helping us make our ward cleaner and greener. Thanks to you our neighbourhood is a great place to live!”

Lee Adamson, local resident

“Joe was instrumental in saving the Tollkeeper’s Cottage, the oldest cottage of its kind in Canada, and turned it into a local community museum. He supported our small volunteer group from the very start, and his efforts have helped preserve our shared history for kids and families to enjoy for years to come.”

Bill Kindree, local resident



Joe champions innovative policy solutions that improve access to services, employment, transit, housing, and healthcare with an aim of reducing the burden of poverty and raising our collective quality of life.

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In the past term, Joe sat on the Community Recreation and Development Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Tenant Issues Committee.  He was elected by his colleagues and the mayor to be the Newcomer Advocate (2015-2017) and the Poverty Reduction Advocate (2017-present). Joe took on the role of Poverty Reduction Advocate after the death of his good friend Pam McConnell, two years into the Poverty Reduction Strategy implementation.

In the spring of this year, Joe held five PRS public consultations (TacklePovertyTO) to determine the next steps and action items to reduce the burden of poverty. Based on these conversations with people with lived experience, frontline workers, advocates, and engaged residents, Joe recently released a letter to his council colleagues recommending the next steps. Read the full letter here or the executive summary here. In the next term, Joe will work as both councillor and as advocate to see these ideas through.

As a councillor and as the Poverty Reduction Advocate, Joe has championed:

  • Increasing the number of shelter beds to meet the 90% shelter occupancy standard
  • Funding and logistical support for Out of the Cold programs and summer cooling centres
  • Discounted TTC fares for lower-income residents
  • 20,000 new recreation program spaces in the 2018 budget
  • More licensed child care spaces and more child care subsidies
  • Pushed for measures to help tenants like the approval of the Tenants First implementation plan,  1,500 new affordable rental homes and 700 new affordable ownership homes in development, the creation of indoor temperature standards, responsive property management, and well-maintained units and common spaces
  • Full funding for the City’s portion of the Student Nutrition Program, with over 200,000 students and 620 schools served
  • Creation of new affordable housing through measures like inclusionary zoning
  • Funding for the backlog of repairs needed to maintain Toronto Community Housing units
  • Making laneway suites a part of the City’s affordable housing strategy

“Joe Mihevc is committed to equity and inclusion and has an unyielding drive to help his constituents solve issues. Residents can be assured their voices are being heard as few city councillors work as hard as Joe. At City Hall, he works tirelessly on so many committees that have a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of Torontonians – he’s Chair of the Board of Health, a member of the Budget Committee, Community Recreation and Development and the Tenant Issues Committee, among others, and is the City’s Poverty Reduction Advocate. Joe is a bridge builder with years of experience, creating better lives and neighbourhoods for everyone in our city.”

Rafi Aaron, Chair of the Interfaith Coalition to Fight Homelessness

“Joe Mihevc is one of the most, if not the most active councillors at City Hall on poverty reduction and homelessness. He doesn’t just talk about things, he acts. This city can’t afford not to have Joe doing this crucial work.”

Bob Charendoff, resident and homelessness advocate

“I’ve seen Joe in action at City Hall – he works hard and earns the respect of council members across political stripes. At a time when Toronto is facing a critical housing crisis, Joe’s voice advocating for smart solutions has been an important support to me as Toronto’s Housing Advocate. Joe Mihevc é um agente eficaz de mudança para Toronto e eu incentivo-vos a apoiá-lo comigo.”

Ana Bailão, city councillor and Toronto Housing Advocate

Joe is a passionate champion for community health and social justice. He has been consistent and active in advocating for long-term solutions to housing and homelessness challenges. Given the growing inequities in our city, we need him at City Hall.

Cathy Crowe

C.M., Street nurse

Cycling transportation is one of the many ways Torontonians get around the city, but we need more cycling infrastructure in place to make it a safer, more reliable option for everyone. Joe has championed the expansion of the cycling network and pushed to get more Bike Share stations into midtown.

Yvonne Bambrick

Urban Cycling Consultant

Joe was the driving force behind the creation of the Artscape Wychwood Barns and The Wychwood Barns Farmers’ Market, which has become a beloved central hub for our community. He moves projects from “let’s study this” to “let’s do this.” Without Joe, I’m sure the barns would still be boarded up and fenced in. I’ve seen Joe and his office staff delve into parking issues, dog off-leash issues, all with determination and grace – no member of our community is ever left behind. Residents in our new expanded ward can expect great things with Joe in their corner.

Cookie Roscoe

Manager, Wychwood Barns Famers' Market

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